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Uses of Identifiable in org.exolab.jms.message

Classes in org.exolab.jms.message that implement Identifiable
 class BytesMessageImpl
          This class implements the BytesMessage interface
 class MapMessageImpl
          This class implements the MapMessage interface.
 class MessageId
          The MessageId is a serializable object that uniquely identifies a message
 class MessageImpl
          This class implements the javax.jms.Message interface
 class ObjectMessageImpl
          This class implements the javax.jms.ObjectMessage interface.
 class StreamMessageImpl
          This class implements the StreamMessage interface.
 class TextMessageImpl
          This class implements the javax.jms.TextMessage interface

Uses of Identifiable in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr

Classes in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr that implement Identifiable
 class ConsumerEndpoint
          A Consumer is a message subscriber with a unique identity
 class DestinationCache
          A DestinationCache is used to cache messages for a particular destination.
 class DurableConsumerEndpoint
          A durable subscriber extends ConsumerEndpoint and is only associated with a Topic destination.
 class QueueBrowserEndpoint
          A QueueBrowserEndpoint is a QueueListener to a QueueDestinationCache.
 class QueueConsumerEndpoint
          A QueueConsumerEndpoint extends ConsumerEndpoint.
 class QueueDestinationCache
          A DestinationCache for Queues
 class TopicConsumerEndpoint
          The topic destination cache is specific to a consumer that subscribes to a topic destination.
 class TopicDestinationCache
          A DestinationCache for Topics.

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