The following is a list of dependencies for this project. These dependencies are required to compile and run the application:

Artifact ID Type Version URL Comment
castor jar 0.9.5
commons-collections jar 2.1
commons-dbcp jar 1.2.1
commons-logging jar 1.0.4
commons-pool jar 1.2
concurrent jar 1.3.4
dbunit jar 2.1
jdbc jar 2.0
jms jar 1.1
jndi jar 1.2.1
jta jar 1.0.1
junit jar 3.8.1
log4j jar 1.2.11
openjms jar 0.7.7-beta-1
openjms-common jar 0.7.7-beta-1
openjms-net jar 0.7.7-beta-1
derby jar
oro jar 2.0.8
spice-jndikit jar 1.2
xerces jar 2.4.0
xml-apis jar 1.0.b2