Interface GarbageCollectable

All Known Implementing Classes:
ConsumerManager, DestinationCache, DestinationManager

public interface GarbageCollectable

A object which has a type GarbageCollectable can be visisted by the GarbageCollectionService to dispose of resources.

$Revision: 1.5 $ $Date: 2003/08/22 22:36:07 $
Jim Alateras

Method Summary
 void collectGarbage(boolean aggressive)
          Perform any garbage collection on this resource.

Method Detail


public void collectGarbage(boolean aggressive)
Perform any garbage collection on this resource. This will have the effect of releasing system resources. If the 'aggressive' flag is set to true then the garbage collection should do more to release memory related resources since it is called when the application memory is low.
aggressive - - true for aggressive garbage collection

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