Interface LeaseEventListenerIfc

All Known Implementing Classes:
DestinationCache, MessageLeaseHelper, RmiJmsServerConnection

public interface LeaseEventListenerIfc

This interface is implemented by classes that are interested in listening to lease events.

Currently it supports onLeaseExpired, which is called back when the a lease expires ;-)

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2003/08/07 13:33:00 $
Jim Alateras

Method Summary
 void onLeaseExpired(java.lang.Object leasedObject)
          This method is called whenever a lease expires.

Method Detail


public void onLeaseExpired(java.lang.Object leasedObject)
This method is called whenever a lease expires. It passes the object that has expired.
leasedObject - reference to the leased object

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