Uses of Interface

Uses of DestinationCacheEventListener in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr

Classes in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr that implement DestinationCacheEventListener
 class ConsumerEndpoint
          A Consumer is a message subscriber with a unique identity
 class ConsumerManager
          The consumer manager is responsible for creating and managing the lifecycle of Consumer.
 class DurableConsumerEndpoint
          A durable subscriber extends ConsumerEndpoint and is only associated with a Topic destination.
 class QueueBrowserEndpoint
          A QueueBrowserEndpoint is a QueueListener to a QueueDestinationCache.
 class QueueConsumerEndpoint
          A QueueConsumerEndpoint extends ConsumerEndpoint.
 class TopicConsumerEndpoint
          The topic destination cache is specific to a consumer that subscribes to a topic destination.

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