Connector framework


Interface Summary
Authenticator An Authenticator authenticates new connections
Caller A Caller represents the client performing remote method invocations via an Connection
CallerListener A listener for Caller events
Connection A Connection represents an application-level handle that is used by a client to access the underlying physical connection.
ConnectionFactory A factory for establishing connections, and accepting them.
ConnectionManager Manages the creation and acceptance of connections
ConnectionPool Manages a pool of ManagedConnection instances, for a particular ManagedConnectionFactory.
ConnectionProperties The ConnectionProperties interface enables a client to configure connector specific connection properties.
ConnectionRequestInfo The ConnectionRequestInfo interface enables a connector to pass its own request specific data structure across the connection request flow.
Invocation An Invocation represents a remote method invocation, which may be handled synchronously or asynchrounously by an InvocationHandler.
InvocationHandler An InvocationHandler performs method invocations.
ManagedConnection A ManagedConnection represents a physical connection.
ManagedConnectionAcceptor A ManagedConnectionAcceptor is responsible for accepting connections, and constructing new ManagedConnection instances to serve them.
ManagedConnectionAcceptorListener A listener for ManagedConnectionAcceptor events.
ManagedConnectionFactory A factory for ConnectionFactory, ManagedConnection and ManagedConnectionAcceptor instances
ManagedConnectionListener A listener for ManagedConnection events.

Class Summary
AbstractConnectionFactory Abstract implementation of the ConnectionFactory interface.
AbstractConnectionManager Abstract implementation of the ConnectionManager interface.
AbstractManagedConnection Abstract implementation of the ManagedConnection interface.
CallerImpl Implementation of the Caller interface
ConnectionContext ConnectionContext enables connectors to associate a Connection and ConnectionFactory with th current thread, to enable deserialized Proxy instances to resolve a Connection back to the server.
ContextInvocationHandler InvocationHandler implementation that sets the current ConnectionContext.
MarshalledInvocation An Invocation where the Request is wrapped in an MarshalledObject.
MulticastCallerListener A listener for Caller events, which asynchronously propagates events to one or more registered listeners.
Request A Request wraps all of the information needed to invoke a method on a remote object.
Response A Response wraps the result of a remote method invocation
URIRequestInfo Implementation of the ConnectionRequestInfo interface that enables a connector to pass URI data across the connection request flow.

Exception Summary
ConnectException A ConnectException is thrown if a connection is refused to the remote server for a remote method call.
IllegalStateException An IllegalStateException is thrown if a method is invoked at an illegal or inappropriate time
ResourceException General exception class
SecurityException A SecurityException is thrown for any case where a security restriction prevents a method from completing.

Package Description

Connector framework

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