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Packages that use SocketRequestInfo Abstract connector that multiplexes data over a socket TCP and TCPS connectors 

Uses of SocketRequestInfo in

Methods in that return SocketRequestInfo
 SocketRequestInfo SocketManagedConnectionAcceptor.getRequestInfo()
          Returns the connection request info used to construct this.

Methods in with parameters of type SocketRequestInfo
protected SocketManagedConnection.createSocket(SocketRequestInfo info)
          Creates a new socket.

Constructors in with parameters of type SocketRequestInfo
SocketManagedConnectionAcceptor(Authenticator authenticator, SocketRequestInfo info)
          Construct a new SocketManagedConnectionAcceptor.
SocketManagedConnection( principal, SocketRequestInfo info)
          Construct a new client SocketManagedConnection.

Uses of SocketRequestInfo in

Subclasses of SocketRequestInfo in
 class TCPSRequestInfo
          Implementation of the ConnectionRequestInfo interface that enables the TCPS connector to pass data across the connection request flow.

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