Package org.exolab.jms.client

Interface Summary
JmsErrorCodes This interface maintains a list of OpenJMS specific error codes, which may be attached to JMSException exceptions.
JmsMessageListener This interface specifies methods to enable asynchronously delivery of messages to clients.
JmsServerStubIfc This is the interface for the JMS server stub.
JmsTemporaryDestination This is an interface for all temporary destinations.

Class Summary
JmsConnectionFactory Client implementation of the javax.jms.ConnectionFactory interface.
JmsConnectionFactoryBuilder Implementation of the ObjectFactory interface that creates JmsConnectionFactory instances given a corresponding Reference
JmsConnectionMetaData This class maintains static connection meta data information
JmsDestination This is the base class for all destinations.
JmsDestinationFactory This factory object implements the ObjectFactory interface and is used to resolve a reference to an administered destination.
JmsQueue This object represents a queue, which is a type of destination.
JmsTemporaryQueue A temporary queue is created by a client through a session and has a lifetime of the session's connection.
JmsTemporaryTopic A temporary topic is created by a client through a session and has a lifetime of the session's connection.
JmsTopic A topic is a destination specific for the puiblish-subscribe messaging model.
JmsXAConnectionFactory Client implementation of the javax.jms.XAConnectionFactory interface.
JmsXAQueueConnection Client implementation of the javax.jms.XAQueueConnection interface.
JmsXAQueueSession Client implementation of the javax.jms.XAQueueSession interface.
JmsXATopicConnection Client implementation of the javax.jms.XATopicConnection interface.
JmsXATopicSession Client implementation of the javax.jms.XATopicSession interface

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