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Uses of Connector in org.exolab.jms.config

Methods in org.exolab.jms.config that return Connector
static Connector ConfigurationManager.getConnector(org.exolab.jms.config.types.SchemeType scheme)
static Connector ConfigurationManager.getConnector()
          Deprecated. This method relies on users knowing that the first connector is the one that will be used.
static Connector Connector.unmarshal(
 Connector Connectors.getConnector(int)
 Connector[] Connectors.getConnector()

Methods in org.exolab.jms.config with parameters of type Connector
static JndiConfiguration JndiConfigurationFactory.create(Connector connector, Configuration config)
          Returns the JNDI configuration for a particular connector, deriving the settings from the supplied configuration
 void Connectors.addConnector(Connector)
 void Connectors.addConnector(int, Connector)
 boolean Connectors.removeConnector(Connector)
 void Connectors.setConnector(int, Connector)
 void Connectors.setConnector(Connector[])

Uses of Connector in org.exolab.jms.server

Methods in org.exolab.jms.server with parameters of type Connector
protected  ServerConnector ConnectorService.initConnector(Connector connector, javax.naming.Context context)
          Create an interface to the server for the specified connector.

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