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Fields in declared as LeaseEventListenerIfc
protected  LeaseEventListenerIfc BaseLease._listener
          The listener that will be notified when the lease expires.

Methods in that return LeaseEventListenerIfc
 LeaseEventListenerIfc BaseLease.getLeaseEventListener()
          Returns the listener to notify of lease events.

Constructors in with parameters of type LeaseEventListenerIfc
BaseLease(java.lang.Object object, long duration, LeaseEventListenerIfc listener)
          Construct a new BaseLease.

Uses of LeaseEventListenerIfc in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr

Classes in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr that implement LeaseEventListenerIfc
 class AbstractDestinationCache
          Abstract implementation of the DestinationCache interface.
 class QueueDestinationCache
          A DestinationCache for queues.

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