Package org.exolab.jms.message

Interface Summary
MessageConverter Convert messages to openjms implementations
MessageSessionIfc A session handle used for acknowledging a message.

Class Summary
BytesMessageImpl This class implements the BytesMessage interface.
DeliveryModeImpl Implementation of javax.jms.DeliveryMode
DestinationImpl Implementation of the Destination interface.
MapMessageImpl This class implements the MapMessage interface.
MessageConverterFactory Factory for MessageConverter instances
MessageId The MessageId is a serializable object that uniquely identifies a message
MessageImpl This class implements the javax.jms.Message interface.
ObjectMessageImpl This class implements the javax.jms.ObjectMessage interface.
Priority Wrapper for JMSPriority
StreamMessageImpl This class implements the StreamMessage interface.
TextMessageImpl This class implements the javax.jms.TextMessage interface
Timestamp Wrapper for JMSTimestamp.
Type Wrapper for JMSType

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