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Uses of ResourceManagerException in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr

Methods in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr that throw ResourceManagerException
 void ResourceManager.logPublishedMessage(javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid, MessageImpl message)
          Log this published message so that it can be passed through the system when the associated global transaction commits.
 void ResourceManager.logReceivedMessage(javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid, long id, MessageHandle handle)
          Log that this message handle was sent to the consumer within the specified global transaction identity.
 void ResourceManager.logTransactionState(javax.transaction.xa.Xid xid, TransactionState state)
          Add an StateTransactionLogEntry using the specified txid, rid and state
protected  TransactionLog ResourceManager.createNextTransactionLog()
          Create the next TransactionLog and add it to the list of managed transaction logs.
protected  long ResourceManager.getSequenceNumber(java.lang.String name)
          Return the sequence number of the file files are associated with a unique number

Constructors in org.exolab.jms.messagemgr that throw ResourceManagerException
ResourceManager(MessageManager messages, DestinationManager destinations, DatabaseService database)
          Construct a resource manager using the default directory for its log files.

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