Where can I get help on OpenJMS?

The Getting Started with OpenJMS document contains a quick start guide.

The Users Guide section contains a comprehensive user guide

The Administrators Guide section contains a comprehensive guide to OpenJMS administration.

If these resources don't help you with your problem, the OpenJMS User List is a good source for help. You must be subscribed to this list in order to post. Check the mailing list archive before posting.

When asking for help, be specific. In particular, provide:

  • a concise description of the problem
  • the OpenJMS version
  • any error messages
  • the connector you are using (rmi, tcp, http etc)
  • a thread dump, if your client or the server appears to have hung. This can be generated by:
    • pressing Ctrl-Break in the console on Windows
    • running kill -QUIT <jvm process id> on Unix
  • the openjms server configuration file

Note that all work on OpenJMS is provided on a volunteer basis. There are no paid staff. Please be considerate and do your homework before asking our volunteers to donate additional time and energy to help you.

Using OpenJMS

Using OpenJMS
How can I run OpenJMS in the current window?
On Windows, the startup script launches OpenJMS in a separate window. To run OpenJMS in the current window, type:
> cd %OPENJMS_HOME%\bin
> openjms run
How do I configure log4j in my client?

log4j can be configured programatically, via the PropertyConfigurator or DOMConfigurator classes, or via the log4j.configuration system property.

The value of the log4j.configuration property must be a URL, and can refer to either a log4j .properties or .xml configuration file. E.g:

> java -Dlog4j.configuration=file:/c:/some-dir-path/ ...

Refer to the log4j manual for more details.

Feature Support

Feature Support
Does OpenJMS support XA transactions?
Not yet. Some work has been done towards it, but it hasn't been completed.
Does OpenJMS support clustering and failover?
No yet.
When will OpenJMS support feature X?

Short answer: don't know.

Long answer: OpenJMS is developed by volunteers - we add features when we have time, and the urge to work on it. See the Volunteers page if you want to contribute.

The Roadmap provides a rough guide for upcoming features.

Developing OpenJMS

Developing OpenJMS
Why is maven reporting "The build cannot continue because of the following unsatisfied dependency:..."?

If the reported JAR is one built by OpenJMS, it means that it hasn't been installed to maven's local repository.

If the reported JAR is a third-party JAR, it means that it wasn't found in the remote repository (by default,

See Third party JARs