About this Guide

The OpenJMS User Guide is intended to help developers get acquainted with OpenJMS by providing thorough descriptions and examples.

If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to post them to the OpenJMS users' list.

Overview of the User Guide Documentation

Using OpenJMS This document provides code samples on using OpenJMS.
Examples OpenJMS is distributed with a number of example programs that demonstrate writing simple applications using JMS. This document describes how to build and run the examples.
Client JARS This document details the JARS which must be added to an application's CLASSPATH, in order to use OpenJMS.
Using Connectors OpenJMS provides connectivity via RMI, TCP, HTTP and SSL protocol stacks using connectors. This document describes the connectors, and how to use them.
Using the Administration API This document provides code examples demonstrating how to use the OpenJMS administration API.