This document describes the configuration of destinations, i.e. Queue, and Topic instances.

Destinations are bound in JNDI by the OpenJMS server, to make them available to clients.

There are three methods for configuring destinations:

  1. Via the OpenJMS Administrator GUI
  2. Programatically, via the OpenJMS administration API
  3. Via the OpenJMS server configuration file.
This document focuses on the last method, configuring destinations via the OpenJMS server configuration file.

Configuring Destinations

Destinations may be configured in the $OPENJMS_HOME/config/openjms.xml file. E.g:

    <AdministeredTopic name="topic1">
      <Subscriber name="sub1" />
      <Subscriber name="sub2" />
    <AdministeredTopic name="topic2"/>
    <AdministeredQueue name="queue1" />
    <AdministeredQueue name="queue2" />
    <AdministeredQueue name="queue3" />

In the above:

  • two topics will be bound in JNDI, named topic1 and topic2
  • the Topic named topic1 has two durable subscribers, sub1 and sub2
  • three queues will be bound in JNDI, named queue1, queue2, and queue3

See Also

For more details, see the AdministeredDestinations configuration reference.