This document describes the configuration of connection factories, i.e. ConnectionFactory, TopicConnectionFactory, QueueConnectionFactory, XAConnectionFactory, XATopicConnectionFactory and XAQueueConnectionFactory instances.

Connection factories are bound in JNDI by the OpenJMS server, to make them available to clients.

Configuring Connection Factories

Connection factories are configured in the $OPENJMS_HOME/config/openjms.xml file. E.g:

    <Connector scheme="tcp">
        <ConnectionFactory name="CF"/>
        <QueueConnectionFactory name="QueueCF"/>
        <TopicConnectionFactory name="TopicCF"/>

In the above, three connection factories will be bound in JNDI:

  • a ConnectionFactory named CF
  • a QueueConnectionFactory named QueueCF
  • a TopicConnectionFactory named TopicCF


  • Multiple connection factories may be specified for each type.
  • Each connection factory must have a unique name, across all connectors.

See Also

For more details, see the ConnectionFactories configuration reference.