The HTTP connector enables OpenJMS clients to connect to the OpenJMS server using HTTP.

This is typically used when firewall restrictions prevent the use of the RMI, TCP, and TCPS connectors.

To use the HTTP connector, the OpenJMS webapp must be deployed on a 2.3 compliant servlet engine, such as Tomcat. The webapp works with Tomcat 4.0 or higher.

Deploying the OpenJMS webapp on Tomcat

To deploy the OpenJMS webapp on Tomcat, copy $OPENJMS_HOME/lib/openjms-tunnel-0.7.7-beta-1.war to $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/openjms-tunnel.war.

In the above, the variable name $CATALINA_HOME refers to the directory into which you have installed Tomcat.

For further details on deploying webapps on Tomcat, refer to Deployment

Configuring openjms.xml

The HTTP connector is configured by adding a <Connector> element to <Connectors> section of the $OPENJMS_HOME/config/openjms.xml file, with a scheme of type "http". E.g:

    <Connector scheme="http">
        <ConnectionFactory name="HTTPConnectionFactory"/>

See Also

The following references provide detailed descriptions of the configuration elements related to the HTTP connector: