The RMI connector enables OpenJMS clients to connect to the OpenJMS server using RMI.

It is configured by adding a <Connector> element to <Connectors> section of the $OPENJMS_HOME/config/openjms.xml file, with a scheme of type "rmi". E.g:

    <Connector scheme="rmi">
        <ConnectionFactory name="RMIConnectionFactory"/>

Using an external RMI registry

By default, the OpenJMS uses an embedded RMI registry for the RMI connector.

An external registry can be configured by changing the <RmiConfiguration> element:

  <RmiConfiguration embeddedRegistry="false"


  • registry-host specifies the host that the RMI registry is running on.

    If not specified, it defaults to localhost.

  • registry-port specifies the port that the RMI registry is listening on.

    If not specified, it defaults to 1099.

NOTE: when using an external RMI registry, the registry must be running before the OpenJMS server is started.

See Also

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